Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer Fun

Can't believe the summer is almost's what we've been up to.


To start off the summer, Pat and I took a vacation to was beautiful!

I wish vacations could last forever.

The ocean was amazing...this beach had the prettiest blue water I've ever seen.

Cute little hula girls.

Pat and I, at the hotel lobby.

Driving around the island, we saw some pretty neat scenery.

Pat's appetite was a little crazy after a long day of sight-seeing.
(He ate the entire pizza, and some of mine also.)

We hiked through a beautiful rain forest, to see Manoa Falls.

The beach outside our hotel was pretty peaceful in the morning.

We went snorkeling here at Hanauma Bay.

Girls Night

Last month, when Pat went to the "Father's and Son's" camp out, we had a little girls night.

Here is Tehya with her two little cousins, watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Camping Out

Last week we camped out in my parents backyard.

After setting up the tent, Kyler and Tehya jumped right into their sleeping bags.

Tehya knows how to make herself comfy.

The kids helped Pat prepare the campfire.

Sitting by the campfire, eating junk food.

Tehya knows exactly what to do when her candy's all gone...
go for Kylers, of course!

Kyler still loves her though...he's a good brother!

They had fun shoving whole marshmallows in their mouth (or attempting to.)

In the morning, they went out and picked strawberries
from Grandma and Grandpa's garden.

Tehya had some major bed-head going on.

Smelling Grandma's pretty flowers.

We had so much fun!!! Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful weekend.

Roaring Springs

Kyler went on this huge slide, and loved it!

Kyler at the bottom of the slide.
The look on his face was a mixture of excitement and fear.
The cousins in their matching swimsuits.

Just Hanging Out


Playing in the backyard.

Playing in the Water

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a while since our last post...time really slips by fast!
Here are some fun pictures that we took over the last few months

Some friends of ours (the Robinson's) invited us to stay at their parents ranch (May Family Ranch) in Clayton Idaho...and of course, we had to get a picture of our family under the Clayton sign. As you can tell, Clayton is a pretty big town :)

A picture of the Clayton museum. They were closed so we couldn't go inside.

These were some old run-down mines that we explored...Kyler loved it.

Pat and Kyler climbing the stairway.

I think Kyler's trying to figure out what kind of machine he's standing on, and what that dirty green puddle is.

Kyler found a little souvenir...he loved carrying it around with him the whole trip.

Back at the ranch, Kyler did some more exploring and found a John Deere tractor.

He knew exactly how to work it.

We also had fun roasting hot dogs over the campfire. Kyler's hot dog looks especially delicious!

Just hanging out by the campfire.

This was a nice little getaway for us...some other fun highlights of the trip were target shooting, soaking in the hot springs with snow falling down on us, eating the delicious home-cooked meals the May's prepared for us, and just enjoying a relaxing weekend.


Tehya snuggling with her Easter Bunny. (She's not wearing any clothes because she got chocolate all over them.)

Tehya is experiencing our silly Easter tradition of attaching the plastic eggs to our heads. I think she's wondering what kind of weirdos her parents are.
Here she is, brushing her hair with her little barbie brush.

Kyler loves having eggs on his head AND in his mouth.

A couple "egg-heads."

A great family portrait.

Kyler even shared his Easter candy with Wall-E.

The kids enjoyed a fun Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house.

Kyler, searching for eggs.

Tehya seemed to know exactly what to do...she found quite a few all by herself.

Tehya and cousin Mylee sharing their Easter goodies